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"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed...Nothing will be impossible for you."

Matthew 17:20

Our Vision

To grow & empower the next generation of capitalists

40% of Americans do not even have $500 for emergencies and are 1 paycheck away from poverty.  As someone who is among the 40% who do not have $500 for emergencies and works with those who meet the definition of poverty and therefore sees the hypocrisy of the American Dream every day, I am building Sow the Seed as an education platform to re-educate the 40% on what the real rules of how to play the game in America works.    It is important to recognize that we the poor have been given the rules of fantasies and fairy tales rather than the realities of how one must play the game in the USA.  


The internet and the emerging 2nd Industrial Revolution will be a game changer for the working poor.  However, the majority do not recognize “this moment” in time that we all can ill afford to ignore.  Sow the Seed’s mission is to close the information gap between the rich and the poor.  We will educate the 40% on technology, entrepreneurship, and capitalism-three critical tenets that we all must understand and master as we move further and further into the 21st century.   Sow the Seed will be an entrepreneurial incubator for burgeoning entrepreneurs enabling them to build businesses that will help them support their families and create generational wealth.  We hope to hold monthly entrepreneurial pop-up workshops helping participants to build their businesses.  


You can help Sow the Seed build this entrepreneurial community by donating your old laptops, cameras, microphones etc. or by making a financial donation here.    All financial donations will be used to build our mobile and eventually our physical entrepreneurial incubator space.