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Let's Build The Next Generation of Capitalists

Our neighborhood captains will lead the charge on ensuring everyone in their neighborhoods are remaining knowledgeable on the political atmosphere, get registered to vote, and have reliable transportation to the polls on election day. 

Interested in becoming one for your neighborhood? Send us an email on our contact page, and let's get you signed up to empower the poor together!

Become a Neighborhood Captain

We will be publishing several literary works to further educate the masses on our mission and vision. We ask that you show your support by purchasing those works! A portion of funds will go towards our Ensure the Vote Campaign, which will help us provide reliable transporation to members of the community to the polls! 

Purchase Our Literature 

Community engagement is a top priority for us. We host a number of events throughout the year that are created with the intention to empower citizens, educate them on issues relevant to their well being and livelihood, and so much more. We welcome you to attend any of these events that are open to the public to attend, as they are announced. 

Attend Our Events & Seminars