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Can Anything Good Come Out of this Moment in Time?

Can anything good come out of this moment in time? Yes, it can and especially for those struggling in our society. One of my favorite youtube influencers, Funky Dineva, just dropped a video entitled, The Benefits of Quarantine Have Shown Our New Normal. In the video, he makes a great point about this moment in time. At about the 14:49 minute mark, he states the following, “This pandemic was the great equalizer, and this is a time when the whole universe is still. He encourages us to “ sit down, focus, meditate and figure out what the universe is trying to tell you.”

It is my sincere hope that individuals on every socioeconomic level will hear and adhere to his message. As someone who works with the underserved and sees the struggle everyday, I know many of you are so busy trying to survive that you assume the message does not apply to you. I want you to see this time as an opportunity to reset your life. Indeed this is a great time to sit down and have the type of conversation with yourself that Michael Jackson spoke of in his song, “Man in the Mirror”. It is a great time to map out a new path for your life if you are not satisfied with the direction you are going in. Technically even if you don’t feel the need to change, I would recommend you still perform this action.

Let me explain why. The pandemic is occurring at the same time that we are going through what has been labeled as the 4th Industrial Revolution. Even without the pandemic, we were going to see a redefinition of work and meaningfulness over the course of the next decade. Robotics and artificial intelligence will provide opportunities for companies to reduce costs mainly through the elimination of jobs that you presently do. New jobs will be created but the million dollar question is will you have the skills to perform these jobs?

This is a great time to start getting ready for this transition. Don’t think you need to be concerned? Oh contraire, you will be impacted the most. What many of us fail to realize is that under this new economy, the biggest muscle we will use is our mind. Many of us will find it hard to transition from jobs that are more physical in nature and repetitive to ones that will task you to think strategically and problem solve.

I am both excited and fearful for you as we transition to this new world and way of doing things. Over the course of the last ten years working with you, I have come to realize that classism is a serious issue. Capitalism birthed all of the isms, ageism, classism, racism, and sexism. I think classism gets underrated. It’s the forgotten child, it is not the first born, not the middle child, or the baby in the family. Each social class has its strengths and weaknesses. Each social class has a culture of its own. As one moves from class to class, their perspective on the world changes because they have had access and exposure to things they previously did not have access to. I know that Jay-Z and Oprah both do not think the same way they did when they were in a different socioeconomic level. I get to see the contrast of different social classes every day. I can see it in the decision making. Those who are at lower socioeconomic levels rely on trust and assumptions. An assumption is defined as, “a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof,” as defined by the Oxford dictionary. As you move up the socioeconomic ladder, the more you rely on researching to confirm that what you believe is true. Because we are transitioning to an economy that will be driven by data, that relies on people to quickly adapt to change, and expects everyone to problem solve as opposed to a reliance on excuses. Steve Harvey once said during his morning show an excuse is an explanation of why one is not going to do something. Please note that no one is saying that the excuse is not valid. For example, transportation is often an issue for those in rural communities and it is a very valid statement. What I have noticed in my work is that for many of my clients, the excuse has a very definitive period at the end of it. There is no “but I will look into…..”. There are no thoughts of how one might go about alleviating the barrier that is preventing them from performing the action.

This new economy is being created by millennials who want to make this world a better place for everyone including you. Every day, a nerd is building an app that may solve an issue that you are struggling with. But will you take them up on their desire to help? Will you realize that you won’t have any other option but to use these apps to create a better life. Will you recognize that over time, you won’t have the opportunity to make anything but a “smart” decision because many of these apps are designed to appeal to your desire to be on automatic pilot. You can set it up and forget about it. For example, the fintech space is full of apps that will help you manage your finances financially such as cash app, acorn, and dime etc. These apps will allow you to save your change and invest in stocks or in the case of cash app allow you to both invest in stocks as well as immediately transfer money between your friends and family.

I believe this new economy is going to force a much needed conversation on class and class culture. It is going to be extremely important that we separate classism from racism. One of the biggest lessons I did not even realize that I needed to know was that poverty does not discriminate. Poor white people are making the same types of decisions as poor black people. An excuse is made for their poor decision making and our poor decision making is defined as inherent in our DNA. This is the farthest thing from the truth and we need to make sure that we are sharing knowledge across socioeconomic levels in our community. It is indeed time for the village to come together and make sure that everyone understands the game and plays to win.

The internet changed the game. The ability to create multiple streams of income, the ability to learn anything for free, and the ability to access and expose oneself to tools that allow one to make smarter decisions can no longer be ignored especially within diverse communities. If we don’t, I believe we will continue to carry racism into the 21st century. If we don’t take advantage of this time to reset, those in power will never let us forget that we did not take advantage of this great opportunity.

We Shall Overcome Some Day.

It is now time to define Some Day!

Join us at www.sowtheseed.net as we work to define some day

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